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:) just started college for the second time. I'm 30. felt the same way, until I remembered- Dude, I'm 30... fuck it at this point. I'm going for the A's, And if I should just so happen to end up meeting some cats, then cool {Given enough time around me, people tend to gravitate towards me}.

Could use some audio work, But this always get's my goat. I need more of these! lol

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WooleyWorld responds:

Thank you.

The animation has already been commented on in previous reviews. It's not that bad, but could use some smoothing out around the edges.
My main problem is with the script, and how it un-rolls. No expositions are given to inform the viewer as to what the hell is going on with, at the very least, her tech; nor the story. It seems that the protagonist is sooo bad arse that she's never really in any danger, which allows the viewer to roll their eyes through any opposition she encounters. the writing has holes in it, or so it appears to the viewer; even though we're to believe her ship has an A.I., It lacks in processing power, Yet is still fast enough to do little more than feed the protagonist with insults of un-witty nature without providing any real help.
Make the protagonist bleed and you might have a hit {make it so that she appears to be more human, and thus more relatable to the viewer by dropping the impossible flip fighting crap we've all seen a billion times over, and make her a bare knuckle scrappy "only hard fights are won" kinda girl with little to no tech that doesn't seem to fall apart around her (like her useless a.i.), and people'll bite deep into this}. she also needs allies {people to spread her unhuman abilities to in order to water her down a bit (so she's more relatable) yet still retain the level of badassdom that you're attempting to cook up}. And we've all seen the sword so many times it makes us want to puke by the time it pops out. she needs a more original weapon. something you don't see everyday {as a nerd}. something like... I don't know: a fire tech mace. or an electric set of claw gloves, or something.
{However:} TEAM OF UNIQUE PERSONS ABLE TO BE ALMOST UNSTOPABLE DUE TO THE WAY THE SUPPORT EACH OTHER= Still done, but makes for more options in the direction you want to take this by giving you the ability to spread the awesome around some, thus making the characters more relatable.
also, Your baddies are borderline mental ill. You need a bad guy that can match wits with the protagonists. Not one that's going to send in one team he knows is going to die. don't even get me started on sending in teams one at a time.
Head my words, and release another one with these changes, and watch what happens.

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Kel-chan responds:

I'm glad the main problem is the script and just studdery animation which I can fix and am more concerned about.

As for the script, I don't care since I didn't write it or come up with the premise.

Thats all KuroNeko. And this is why I don't usually do suggestions from people on making series or whatever. I only did this because at the time I had writers block and didn't know what to do and also wanted to do something challenging to practice learning more 3d animation.

Anyways in the story, most of what you say just hasn't been shown yet. Main char dies next episode and her niece and nephew inherit her ship and all her crap. They form a crew and go on a revenge quest.

I could have mashed Ep 1 and 2 together but the result would be 15-20 minute ep that would have taken forever. People on NG just don't have that kind of attention span and I don't have that kind of time to waste on someone else's story that I'm not 100% into.

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Simple, yet very addictive, and fun.

I thought it was interesting when I saw it, then I played it, and became addicted, lol. You should make this into an entire ongoing game people can buy and play on their pc's, with new levels, mutations, and options like being able to build a small little backup force.

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MrRandomist responds:

this would probably never become a purchasable game, maybe a bigger better game in an extended version. but you'd have to pm kembry and convince him!


Fun game, lol. Love the art, and the game play made the over all game even funner.

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f'ing sweet

loved the first one, this ones insane. keep em' coming man.

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has a gorillaz type of fill to it.

woa man, nice. loved it. check my music out sometime, and I would like hear your input.


dont use programs for your music. Other then that i likes.

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bold work, solid lines, nice composition.

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nice. Awesome use of color.

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nice, as always :D

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